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Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry was initiated in 2009, as Malaysian Care and the Potter’s Fellowship came together to help the former inmates from the Malaysian prisons. Two years later, in 2011 four members of the congregation commited their time weekly for a prison ministry.  A two-year official permit from the Department of Prison Malaysia was granted and the church members started visiting the Sungai Buloh Prison and the Kajang Prison regularly, organised by Malaysian Care.

Now, during each weekly visit the volunteers share the gospel message and their testimonies with the prison inmates.  As an extension of the weekly visit to the prison, the prison ministry members also try to get in touch with the prisoners’ families upon the inmates request to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This ministry has been encouraged by the need and the response of the people in prison and the gladness and the warmth of the prisoners’ welcome, their songs of praise and their desire to know more about God and Jesus Christ keep this work alive.


Petros Home Ministry

The Petros Home (then known as Rumah Cahaya) began in 1980 as a drugs rehabilitation Centre and a half-way home for men out of the Malaysian prison. In 2009, The Potter’s Fellowship came together with Petros Home to connect men (out of prison or drug addiction and also HIV Aids patients) to the church and local community.  

Men from the church, led by Brother Tommy Yap have been having Monday devotions with the members at Petros. This time is dedicated to an hour of preaching, followed by fellowship and tea. In this last two years, we see the brothers from Petros committed to regular Sunday service and worship weekly at The Potter’s Fellowship Church.

Now, the Potter’s Fellowship has initiated “Care Connect”, an extension of the work with Petros Home members. This program, has been developed to find job opportunities and community activities for the members of Petros Home to stay rooted in church and connect back into the communit.

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