m.i.r translation unit guide

Translations are available in three languages:

Mandarin, Indonesian and Cambodian

Here how it works:

A Discord server has been set up for this purpose. There are specific voice and text channels that delegates and translators are specified to join. As a translation requester, you are advised to follow and obey all rules, regulations and guidelines provided in this page and in the Discord server.

guide for translation:


Firstly, please download Discord and register an account. You are advised to set up and account and join us on PC. However, a mobile phone/tablet are also compatible. The Discord app is also available for Apple and Android users.

Secondly, please join us with this link:

Or with the code "HKuKcEA".

Once joined, you are required to submit your requested language under the "#sorting" channel. Please only submit the name of your language preference.

Once you have been sorted into your respective language, you will be able to join your respective voice channel. Simply click/tap on the channel and select "Join Channel". A translator will then join the channel during the Malaysian International Rally.

rules and regulations:

During the Malaysian International Rally, you are not to speak in the voice channel (unless you are a translator) nor are you to spam in the chats. Any "trollers" will be immediately kicked and banned out of the channel.

If you need any help connecting, please utilize the chat "#help". A moderator/organizer will soon answer to your need.

If you need WiFi/mobile data, please inform your pastor/organizer prior to arriving in Malaysia.

If you are somehow unable to join our Discord server, please feel free to contact us through:

Contact Us

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