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Danny Chan

"...God has changed me to what i am today"

I was heavily involved in the drug scene from a very young age until my late twenties. I was addicted to many different substances and was also a heavy smoker. Drugs not only ruined my life but of those around me also. Not only was I an abuser but I also benefited from influencing those around me as well.


Things took a turn for the worse, when, because of my addiction, I ended up in serious trouble. I realized that if I did not change my ways, I would either die from an overdose or end up in jail for a long time. I tried quitting on my own strength but would always end up back to square one.


While I was spiralling out of control, God was still firmly in control. He placed someone in my path who witnessed to me and shared with me the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. I was shown a better path. One of fulfilment, peace and contentment without drugs. In my most desperate hour, I surrendered control of my life to Jesus. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Uttering a simple prayer, I invited Jesus into my life. At that moment, He released me from the bondage of drug addiction and I was given a new life.


Today, I am free from drugs and all its condemnations and have more now than I ever had. Looking back at my previous life, I can clearly see how Jesus rescued and restored a broken man like me. If He can do all this for me, imagine what He can do for you..

Joel Stephen

"...with God nothing is impossible..."

I grew up in a family of bible believing Christians, who were faithful to church. I knew there was a God, I knew of Jesus Christ and what he had done for me. However, apart from attending services in church, what I knew had no implication on my thoughts or the way I conducted myself.


When I reached the age of 13, it came to a point where all my decision where of my own, with no regards to God. And the first major decision I took was to mix and give priority to my school friends and peers, more than my family and my church friends. I regretted making that decision, because my life totally changed thereafter. I started becoming rude with my family members and also having a bad attitude, started stealing from mini markets. These habits continued till the age of 23, and this took to a worst path, where I started to have gambling habits.


In the 2013, the church had its usual International Rally, but this time there was desperation in soul when I heard Pastor Joe Joseph Campbell preached about going all out for God. During his preaching, I re-examine myself, I realize if I continued my life living in sin I know I'll end up in jail or six feet underground in a casket. That very same day, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and accepted him as my personal Lord and Saviour again.


After that day, my life totally changed. I stopped gambling, stealing and stopped being rude with my family. I have new direction and goal in life. I can see that God is blessing me with a new wonderful, full filled life and most of all I realize with God nothing is Impossible. (Luke 1:37)

Leong Yap Chin

"...Jesus is truly merciful to sinners..."

I grew up an atheist in the early years of my life and had a liberal lifestyle. For enjoyment and excitement I used to steal (even though I could afford to pay) and also liked to behave abnormally, watched pornography, smoked and had a bad temper. I continued in this lifestyle for many years.

One day I asked myself if l am going to do this for the rest of my life? And if I am really happy?

Will I have a good ending?


Jesus is truly merciful to sinners.

In 2008, I met an old friend and he brought me tochurch, to The Potter’s Fellowship church. I finally found the peace that I was seeking for all my life and I also found care in the church, a family that I could belong to...

Yes!! This is the place I have been looking for all my life.


Since then, I have been consistent in church and God began to work in me and changed me.

Thank you Jesus! He set me free from all my sins, and gave me a new start.


Now, Jesus has given me a good wife and an obedient child. He has provided financially for all our needs. Jesus Christ owes us nothing and yet he has given us everything.

Thanks you Jesus, and you alone get the glory……

Winnie Yap

"...without God it would be impossible for me to open up..."

My name is Winnie (Zhang Wanyi) and I come from China. When I was young, I saw my parents only three to four times a year because of their work. My brother and I followed my grandmother and we stayed with different uncles and aunties. When I look at others with parents, I always keep thinking why I don't have mine. Even since then, either in school or friend's home, I always keep to myself and indulge in self-pity. I don't like to talk. Until I was 12 years old, I stayed with my brother and grandmother.

Later, I realized I had difficulty communicating and was unable to express myself. Whenever I feel things are not right, I will throw the fan, phone, books, chairs, plates, etc on the floor. I will slam the door and create chaos in the house and will cry in the room. This continued into my working life. My hand-phone is the usual thing that throw on the floor and it has been repaired many times.

I came to church in 2006 and without God and church, it would be impossible for me to open up and communicate with the brothers and sisters in church. I have been very active in church although I don't know much English. But, I managed to communicate with pastors from foreign countries. It makes me believe God is our translator. Ever since then, it made me open and have courage to speak and not be afraid of others. I have also become a translator for other brothers and sisters.

In year 2012, I married a Malaysian and Malaysia is a country where people are multilingual. I don't understand signboards because it is in the Malay language. It made me go back to my old days and shut myself up, not daring to talk to anyone. I was angry with God: 'why He brought me to Malaysia. Has God abandoned me?' Later, pastor's wife spoke to me and told me that 'God still loves me and I must love this country. And God will show me through different ways.” Since then, it seem like God is telling me that I have maximized my problems and minimized God. When I go through this trial and overcome then there will be a great testimony for everyone.

If you are like me who has had a closed up attitude. Come, God is waiting for you, as long as you believe GOD, GOD will always be your help. Everyone have different routes that lead them to God. Some have good experiences, some have bad and even some are angry with God in their journey. If we are persistent and keep going to church, God will be with us. It is through the different experiences that we grow and become his testimony. Amen

Low Kin Kit

"...just because my parents were Christian it didn't make me one..."

My parents brought me to church at the age of 4 so i had Christian influence early in my life. I had a strong church environment and attended Sunday school and church services faithfully with my family. I knew bible verses, memorized scripture and song lyrics and lead other children in prayer as class monitor. I started paying tithes early in life and even participated in outreaches. Outwardly i looked like a good church going boy, however, i still fell short of the glory of God and was not righteous in my ways. I used to steal, lie, was envious, was easily angered and extremely covetous. 

When i turned 12, i was caught stealing money from home by parents. This incident led to counseling and a lot of soul searching and this led me to realize that just because my parents were Christian it didn't make me one. I went on my knees with my mother and she led me in a sinners prayer. Right there, during my repentance, i was filled with the Holy Spirit and my life has never been the same.

Though life's journey has taken me up and down, God has never failed to provide and guide me. As the years have gone by, i am grateful for all the blessings that God has given me and His faithfulness to my parents. Having a relationship with the true and living God is priceless and it can never be exchanged for anything in this life.

Vivienne Tan

"...God never stopped calling me..."

I was born and raised in a Christian family. I have been attending Sunday school, youth fellowships as well as church services faithfully since young. However, I did not have any relationship with God. My knowledge about Christianity is being a good person, go to church and learn the scriptures. To me, the Bible is just another moral teaching material or a mere book.


At the age of 15, I got saved upon saying a sinner’s prayer after an outreach with the church members. I was filled with the Holy spirit which could not be explained with words and started singing a few hymns and worship songs which ran through my mind.  My life changed. I started to read the Bible and pray daily and started to serve God in the church faithfully. I remember there was a movie named “the passion of the Christ” which was played at one Christmas service and I was so touched by God, and willing to be used by Him, serve Him and tell people about Christ when this voice came to my mind “You have to carry your own cross and follow me.”


As the years went by, I had forgotten the voice and the promises of God, being tempted by worldly things and eventually turned away from God when I was 19. I stopped serving God and did not see the importance of church life. However, God never stopped calling me, through the Bible verses that I’ve learned and the conviction of the Holy spirit. The Bible says, “do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in Him.” (1 John 2:15) Another verse that is so clear in my mind upon listening to a sermon was “so then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth.” (Rev 3:16) Immediately my response to these verses was “I want to love you and serve you Lord, please forgive me and change me, lead me to the new life that you want me to live...” I knelt before God and prayed and made a decision to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ. Knowing that being a Christian is not to be perfect, but we can seek guidance from Jesus Christ because He is the only way to eternal life.

Allan Asir

"...I would get up everyday at 5:30am to pray the rosary..."

I was from a very religious Catholic up-bringing. At 12, i today know it was God who spoke to me and called me into the ministry but at that time i assumed it was to the priesthood as i didn't know anything besides the Catholic church. A burden was placed on me that i spent many years trying to lighten or remove through a staunch Catholic lifestyle and good works. I was known to be a Catholic above Catholics because i would spend all my time in church even during school holidays i would help maintain the church premise and spend time in devotion to Mary. During long school breaks i would go to the seminary and spend time with the students there eager to know what awaited me. I would attend mass twice a day with my mom, once in the morning and once in the evening. I would get up at 5:30am every day to pray the rosary and read my bible.


Around 18 years old (i today call it the 'blessed distraction') i decided to pursue a career and i fell in love. Many in the church despised the girl because they felt that she was taking me away from the priesthood. I forgot my calling but i still had this burden that i carried with me, which i tried to rid through many good works and reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church and continuing the disciplined Catholic lifestyle i had become used too. During these years i began to come into contact with 'Christians' and always wondered why they were somehow different from Catholics, they had something i didn't have and i was drawn to this. I was becoming disappointed with the Catholic clergy who in my mind were lazy drunkards. The promiscuity and lack of holiness of the Catholic youth especially began to get to me which holiness i now began to see in these 'Christians'. They were holy even without trying!


Somewhere in 1996 my uncle began to witness to me and tell me about being born-again. This was very irritating but intriguing because i had personally witnessed Jesus change his life. On August 31st 1997 i gave my life to Jesus in a small living room. What broke me was not anything thoroughly intellectual but a simple question. He asked me to tell him where i would take a drunkard after i witnessed to him about Jesus and i said "to your church". The minute i let down my pride and confessed that truth, God got a hold of me and i got saved. The burden that i had carried from the age of 12, almost 10 years lifted and i was a holy man for the first time in my life without even trying. I walked into a fellowship church on the 24th of December 1997 and was in the next few months given the direction that God wanted me to take for the rest of my life. Jesus truly changed my life and He can do the same for you...if you will only give Him a chance.

Joeann McIntyre

"...He filled the emptiness inside of me..."

I was a person with no peace or joy.  I always found myself feeling empty and lost.  I came from a religious background and Jesus was mere religion to me.  I was taught that I needed to do all the good works and religious obligations in order to please God and that is what I did. I would help the poor and do all kinds of charity work but at the end of the day I would still feel like there was something missing in my life. So I thought that if I fulfilled life’s pleasures like having a relationship, money and a popular group of friends I would fill up the emptiness I felt inside but I was wrong. My life was just getting worse.


In September 1997, someone witnessed to me about the love of Jesus Christ and showed me scriptures that opened my eyes to the real existence of God, I was confused, after all I believe in Jesus as well.  But as I began to read the Bible myself with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Jesus opened my eyes to see the truth which I could not understand before. From that day forward when I made my decision to serve the true and living God according to the way the word of God directs us, I was not only assured of eternal life through Him but He filled the emptiness inside of me with the peace and joy that I had always longed for and I know He can do the same for you.

Vanessa Chee

"...After some thought, I decided to give this 'New God' Jesus a chance..."

I was 17yrs old when i had to start working and it was at this time, with the freedom i had, that i started to make friends who taught me how to drink alcohol, smoke and enjoy night life. I gave myself to this type of lifestyle thinking it would bring me happiness. I became more rebellious and hot tempered with and around my family. This bad attitude and lifestyle caused me to start lying to my family and so we argued all the time. After a few years I started getting bored with my life and it was at this time that my uncle offered me a job in KL. I immediately took the offer and moved to KL in 2003.

Things in my life began to change in KL as people around me began to teach me good things and take care of me. It was at this time i started to date my husband Danny who brought me to church. I still remember the first time I walked into the church and the members were so joyful, friendly and genuine. I didn’t really understand the sermon but at the end of it, the pastor said something that touched my heart deeply and i felt asthough God knew my problems. ‘Who are you?’ I asked Him and i desired to know Him more.

After that day i began to look back at my life and realized that as a Buddhist i never experienced love in my family and even my good friends were getting divorced. After some thought i decided to give this ‘New God’ Jesus a chance. After a few months i was baptised and I brought my youngest sister to church and she accepted Jesus and her life, character and attitude changed, this good news traveled back to my hometown to my mother’s ears. After 8 years my mother surrendered her life to Jesus and soon after my grandmother also surrendered her life to Jesus.

This is what i needed for my life and for my family members, to know Jesus.
In these 13 years that i have been saved, its not been easy, but i have joy in my life and peace in my heart and God truly hears and answer my prayers. My husband and I will continue to serve God and teach our children, grandchildren and coming generations how to make a happy and ‘complete’ family in Jesus Christ.

Wong Ah Kee

"...i soon realized that it was impossible to say that there was no God..."

When I was in my youth, I thought and believed that education was all there was to life. However, I soon realized that it was impossible to say that there was no God. A part of me believed there is a God but the other part was hoping there was no God. If there is no God, it would have meant that doing whatever I feel it is good, and not worry about the consequences of judgment. Somehow when I sin, I can feel my conscience trouble me, and the wages of sin tore away the love of God, and the life of the people dearest to me. When I no longer struggle to deny God’s existence and live a surrendered life, through the preaching of the Gospel. I thank God for taking away the scales from my eyes. Every word of God as spoken in the Bible was an endless living water, so refreshing and all the thinking of men’s wisdom are incomparable to God’s word because His word gives life and restores the dignity and sanity of an otherwise foolish man that would have been one of the corruptible seeds that say there is no God.

Tommy Yap

"...I was bound and imprisoned by the bondage of gambling..."

I gave my life to Christ in the year of 1989. Ever since then, I have not turned back. I was delivered from the bondage of gambling. I was a compulsive gambler. I was bound and imprisoned by the bondage of gambling. I lost all that I had and was addicted to smoking. I was so bound in the addiction of smoking; I would smoke two packets of cigarette a day. I had broken relationships that I could not fix. I was miserable and lost inside of me. I felt that there was no hope for me anymore in my life. I came to a point in my life that I wanted to commit suicide and end it all. That was the turning point in my life that God begin to reach out to me and show me His grace. I gave my life to Christ at this point of time and Jesus touched my life and gave me a renewed mind. Today, I serve the Lord with clarity of mind and with joy in my heart. 

Grace Cheong

"...suicide will hurt for a while but it will end all my problems..."

My family was religious, but the God they taught was theoretical and distant. I was born and raised up in a strong Buddhist family. Which mean I practice everything a Buddhist will do , from burning joystick each morning , chanting and I even had morning pray each day reading a part of the sutra which I used to believe that it will protect my family and help me in my studies.

Not knowing what Buddhism is all about but I always follow my mom to the temple. As a kid, I was not bothered about heaven or hell and I wasn't afraid of hell because I used to believe hell is just another place like earth. If I died, my family can burn joss paper money to me. I was taught that if we do good thing we will go heaven and if we don't, we will reborn-on and on. Well, most of the time I feel I am going to heaven because I have always been a very obedient child.

So when I was 18, I suffered from depression and I had a thought 'suicide will hurt for awhile but it will end all my problems'. I am glad my brother testify about Christ to me. One day I decided to attend church and give Jesus a chance. I have learnt that good works don't take me to heaven and hell is not what i have always imagine.

After a year, in 2013 I finally gave my life to Jesus. Ever since then I have seen how God have make a way for me and how God slowly change my family to turn away from idolatry.
I believe that God is working in my life to change me and my bad habit. I'm thankful that God hear my prayer and help me to find peace and love that I never know I could have. So I have been safe for 5 years now, I still believe Jesus is real and He is with us.

Agnes Tan

"...All the religious practices...could not remove the unbearable emptiness in my heart..."

Before I became a Christian, I had never known inner peace. All the religious practices, books, philosophies, family, friends, parties, education, sports could not remove the unbearable emptiness in my heart. Only the thought: “What if there really is a Hell?” Then I’ll surely go there, this thought kept me from taking my life. When I was 19 years old, I realized that my brothers had become Christians. Disgusted that they had turned traitors to the family’s religion, I persecuted them. One day I ‘humbled’ myself to touch some Christian tracts lying in the house. But I was “hooked” by what I read – a God who is loving, personal, real, forgiving and that has the power to change my rotten heart. Soon after that I surrendered to Jesus and received him into my heart as my Lord and Savior. Joy and peace flooded in. I have been a Christian for 30 years. My worst day as a Christian far outshines my best day as a non-believer. I am ever grateful to Jesus Christ who entered my heart and took away such deep darkness.

Eric Murphy

"...Slowly things started to turn around in my life, as i started to include God..."

Right from my youth,  I used to steal, smoke, had a temper, was irresponsible, rude and had relationship issues with my family, especially with my dad as we hardly spoke for many years.
I was brought up in a Catholic home and I also read my Bible..... sometimes but never really  understood it and I thought that by just attending church and not committing any major crime or causing hurt to anyone I'd still make it to heaven.


I also always used to lean on my own understanding on life decisions rather than include God in it. Even as I got older and right into my marriage life situations just became worse from bad financial decisions to family relationships and even severe health issues.

I felt very helpless, sad and became angry and bitter with everyone  around me, even with God as I saw no end to these problems. Then one Sunday morning, the 14th of September 1997,  a friend of ours brought us to church and I gave my life to Jesus. Slowly things started to turn around in my life as I started to include God in my life decisions and turn away from my old self. If Jesus can change my life, he can do that for you too,  only if you ask him.

Jennifer Stephen

"...I knew immediately that God was letting me know not to worry..."

Life was very hard for me being the oldest of five siblings. I had a lot of responsibilities from the age of 13 ..but i knew Jesus at a very young age and he was always with me at all times. I was brought up an anglican. I found love when i was 17 years old but my parents were against it but that didn't stop us, we left home to begin our future together.

We had financial problems and our relationship with my family was scarred, especially with my dad and I was also struck with a severe illness. This was just to much to bear for a young couple starting out our lives and didn't know what to do or who to turn to but that didn't stop me from kneeling and praying to Jesus. We met  someone who brought  us to church and we gave our lives to Jesus that day. We have been saved for 21 years now.


One church Revival meeting, as the pastor was praying he mentioned someone going through some problems which was identical to mine. I knew immediately that God was letting me know not to worry so much and i cast all my burdens on him at the altar. Slowly my problems were solved one by one and even my family received Christ, even my dad. God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his will. My testimony is not only that Jesus has healed me or did so many things for me but that the place where my husband, my siblings and I are now, we are all serving God even my niece, all because of my JESUS. 'When life is too hard to stand...kneel'.

Lim Carlyle

"...I'd cry almost every night blaming God for the life i lived..."

I was born in a broken family because of this situation everything that was happening in my life was always complicated. I was always being moved from one place to another and so never knew what love and family was all about. I’d cry almost every night blaming God for the life I lived asking Him why He placed me into this family. I was always jealous of those who had good families and I’d envy them and this caused me to start hating everyone I came into contact with. Self pity was consuming me at this young age. It was at this point that my aunty who had become a Christian and was caring for me started bringing me to church I started to learn to pray and trust God for a change in my life. And God answered my prayer. God blessed me with a couple in the church who began to care for me as their very own daughter and showed me what love and family was all about. Jesus filled the emptiness in my heart with love and changed the hatred in my heart to kindness and has blessed me with a big family in church who love me. He has blessed me with talents and changed me totally to serve Him. God can change your life and fill your broken heart with love and joy too if you will give him a chance.

Gerard Goh

"...I was trapped in the bondage of pornography, lies and stealing..."

Before I accepted Jesus into my life, I was a person who was rude. I used to curse and swear at my parents and at others. I was trapped and in the bondage of pornography, lies and stealing. I used to hang out till late at night with the wrong type of company because I felt there was no hope and purpose in my life. I looked at my life and I even had family problems.


One day I met someone on the street that told me about the love of Christ. I gave my life to Christ when I heard about what God has done for me. When I prayed the prayer to accept Jesus into my life, I felt a weight in me just lifted up. I felt such peace and joy in my life that I have never felt before. As time has gone by, I now am truly grateful to God for saving me and giving me a purpose and a destiny to live my life.

Jenny Yap

"...He has led me every step of the way, from the job i have to the place i stay..."

We were a small Buddhist family in Kuala Lumpur. It was very obvious growing up that my parents favored my brother over me. I had no say in family matters and problems were resolved between my brother and my parents. My job was to help with the house work and work to help pay the bills. Needless to say i had no relationship with either my parents or my brother. He had his friends and since I didn’t get any love from any of them, i found my own friends. They introduced me to a life of partying and boys and i became promiscuous. I thought i had found love in a man but even he broke my heart. It was at this time that a friend of mine invited me to church. It was here that i met Jesus and surrendered my life to Him. Shortly after that day i was baptized and i have never turned back, that was 30 years ago. On the day of my baptism, i felt a burden lifted from me. Jesus has opened my eyes to see things differently and to live righteously. I am safe in His hand and there is no other God greater than Him. These 30 years He has led me every step of the way, from the job i have to the place i stay. I truly thank Jesus for bringing me this far. My prayer is that as you read this you will also surrender your life to Jesus. Let Jesus into your heart and you will never be the same again. He will give you true hope and love.

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