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Our Academy.

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TPFA Ethos and Vision

THE POTTER’S FELLOWSHIP ACADEMY (TPFA) is an extension of the training and development ministry of THE POTTER’S FELLOWSHIP BHD (TPFB). TPFA is essentially a social enterprise catering to the growing need for good and affordable Christian Centric Education, Skills Training and Character Development.

It is important to emphasize that TPFA is not a school, homeschool or a tuition center, it is a non-profit ministry and social enterprise to primarily benefit the church’s permanent and affiliate members to have access for their child/children who wish to pursue a Christian based education program, on the IGCSE platform, and to be able to do it unhindered, monetarily.

Because TPFA is a ministry of TPFB, a non-profit organization, all ‘program contributions’ will be utilized to compensate our volunteers and to cover the overhead cost of running the program. Excess ‘program contributions’ will be channeled toward increasing the number of volunteers and to add-on activities and programs to directly and indirectly benefit your child/children under the care of our volunteers. It is also the desire of this ministry to one day, be able to fully sponsor the education, skills training and character development of displaced and under privileged children.

The ministry of TPFA acts as an intermediary between the volunteer and your child/children by providing: a safe space, platform and resources for volunteers to educate and facilitate skills training and character development in a wholistic, fulfilling, cost effective and self-sustainable way while keeping the teachings of Jesus and the word of God as our guiding light. This is our vision of Christian Centric Education.

TPFA truly hopes to change the educational landscape among Christian churches by bringing education back to the place it once was - a mission field of souls and a place of learning for mind, body and spirit.

For more information, please contact the Principal, Mr. Daniel Choong.

+60 16 497 6007

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